Inside Jobs Workshops

High School Workshops

Educators can now bring the Inside Jobs experience into classrooms, community centers, museums, and libraries through our free career workshops for high school juniors and seniors. Our live presenters help students figure out their future through hands-on activities, engaging videos, and group discussion. With Inside Jobs workshops, students will:

Explore Career Ideas
Students expand their awareness of what careers are possible—beyond high-profile jobs like football player, teacher, and doctor.

Identify Passions, Strengths, Needs
Students learn how to identify and align their own passions, strengths, and needs with career options.

Connect Education and Careers
By learning the education requirements for different careers, students gain a deeper understanding of how post-secondary education can help them succeed.

Take the Next Step
Inside Jobs sends each student personalized follow-up material about career and post-secondary education options to support their next steps.

To help students see the link between academics and real world applications, the workshops can also be tailored to showcase careers related to specific subject matter—including art, English, and STEM areas.