Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design



W 309 Riverside Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201

Number of Students

Degrees Offered

Type of Institution
Private for-profit- 2-year

Financial Aid
Yes! 86% of first-time beginning undergraduates received financial aid.

About Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design

The Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design- Inc. was formed in 1969 to provide students and the community with an excellent level of service to meet the strong need of our profession.

We strive to develop an environment where creativity and growth are emphasized. To achieve our goals- there is a commitment from staff members and students to teach and learn in the most professional manner.

The Academy will have a commitment to train you for a career in cosmetology- manicuring- esthetics- or instructor training. This includes living up to the expectations of potentional employers- regarding appearance- cleanliness- and sanitation. Glen Dow Academy holds much of the same standards in the school as would be expected of the majority of the industry.

This will also involve reponsibilities during school of keeping your own work area and equipment orderly- cleaning equipment and towels used in instruction. And at the close of the day- students participate in a team approach (pursuant to the sanitation roster in our catalog) to general appearance and sanitation standards of the school. WAC 308.20-080-110-130

The Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design- Inc. will continue to remain a leader in the field of Cosmetology- Manicuring- Esthetics- and Instructor Training by promotiong a strong desire to achieve the best results possible. Our students and staff are encouraged to have a healthy curiosity for anticipating the ever-growing needs of our industry.

2010-2011 data from U.S. Department of Education

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