Cranbrook Academy of Art



39221 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48304

Number of Students

Degrees Offered

Type of Institution
Private not-for-profit- 4-year or above

About Cranbrook Academy of Art


Cranbrook Academy of Art is an independent graduate degree-granting institution offering an intense studio-based experience where artists-in-residence mentor students in art- architecture and design to creatively influence contemporary culture.

Cranbrook Art Museum is an educational institution that provides direct experience with modern and contemporary art- architecture and design- and promotes an understanding of their relevance and contribution to society. As a partner of Cranbrook Academy of Art- Cranbrook Art Museum is a window to the Academy and the Academy’s window to the world.

Cranbrook Art Museum accomplishes this mission by:
· Preserving- expanding and providing access to its collections in the fields of art- architecture and design from the 20th and 21st centuries- which contribute to the education of Academy students and public audiences.
· Presenting a program of exhibitions that explore the work of modern masters and the images and issues of contemporary art relevant to the Academy’s program of graduate study.
· Offering public educational programs that provide opportunities for understanding the artmaking process and exploring the meanings of art.
· Developing collaborative relationships- especially those within the Cranbrook Educational Community- that encourage new opportunities for expanding audiences.
· Embracing Cranbrook’s artists- history- architecture and grounds as both context and content for its programs.

2010-2011 data from U.S. Department of Education

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