Wire Frame Maker

Bend wires into frames.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$18,000 – $55,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Wire Frame Makers do?

Bends wires into frames used for forming plastic flowers, leaves, and butterflies, using jig and soldering iron: Bends wire around jig following specified instructions, using fingers and pick. Cuts wire after frame is formed, using wire cutters. Solders together wires that overlap to strengthen frame, using flux and soldering iron. Builds up button of solder in center of petals when framing flowers. Presses lever that removes frame from jig. Examines frame to ensure shape meets specifications. Cuts excess wire from frame, using wire cutters. Records daily production figures.

Should I be a Wire Frame Maker?

You should have a high school degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Reliable: You can always be counted on to do a good job.
  • Team Player: You're able to listen, communicate, and work with tons of different people.
  • Detail Oriented: You pay close attention to all the little details.

  • Also known as: Chair Frame Builder, Door Frame Builder, Door Framer, Filament Maker, Fireproof Door Maker, Frame Expander See More

    How to become a Wire Frame Maker

    Wire Frame Makers generally graduate from high school and get on-the-job training. Think about earning a Certificate or Associate’s degree to increase your chances of finding a good job. Check out these schools offering Wire Frame Maker-related education!
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