Substation Engineer

Create and design new ways of harnessing energy in a cost effective manner.

Quick Stats

Salary Range
$54,000 – $129,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Substation Engineers do?

A substation is the place where electricity comes in and gets its voltage changed by transformers, increasing or decreasing depending on need. And Substation Engineers — a type of Electrical Engineer — are the ones who work on these facilities.

Like all engineering positions, your job as a Substation Engineer involves designing new parts and repairing broken or worn out ones. But unlike a lot of Engineers, Substation Engineers handle electricity. You design power grids and draw wiring diagrams. What you end up creating harnesses electricity to power homes and businesses, so you want to make sure there are no problems. Blackouts, brownouts, and other electrical disasters can happen if grids get overloaded or electrical systems short-circuit.

So to prevent these problems, you keep an eye out for wiring that’s been done incorrectly, designs that put too much pressure on the system, and equipment that’s not in good working order.

And while you’re keeping an eye on safety, you also need to keep a close watch on the budget. You’re responsible for filing reports and cost estimates to keep the owners of your plant updated on how much different jobs and repairs cost. You make cost estimates before a job starts, and then work to find ways to keep quality high and costs low. After a job, you report to your superiors about what you did, how much it cost, and potential ways you could improve in the future.

Should I be a Substation Engineer?

You should have a bachelor's degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Trustworthy: You are known for your personal integrity and honesty.
  • Reliable: You can always be counted on to do a good job.
  • Logical Thinker: You take a step-by-step approach to analyze information and solve problems.

  • Also known as: Engineer, Operations-And-Maintenance, Telecommunication Engineer, Wire Communications Engineer

    How to become a Substation Engineer

    Most Substation Engineers have a Bachelor's degree. Chart?chd=s:aak9ed&chl=||associate%27s+%2813%25%29|bachelor%27s+%2877%25%29|master%27s+%286%25%29|doctorate+%284%25%29&cht=p3&chs=466x180&chxr=0,0,77
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