Quarry Loader Operator

Help get rock to a processing center by digging it from the ground.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$19,000 – $43,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Quarry Loader Operators do?

Before a building can go up or asphalt laid for a road, a Quarry Loader Operator needs to get to work first. The Quarry Loader Operator is the person who gathers the materials for construction jobs by scooping and moving large amounts of rocks and stones from quarries to processing plants. Once the raw materials hit the processing plant, they can then be turned into concrete, asphalt, or other building materials.

When you’re a Quarry Loader Operator, you can find yourself in various different work environments, though for the most part, you should expect to spend your days in a large, shallow hole. Quarries can contain everything from clay and marble to limestone and granite. Sometimes, the pieces of rock you remove come out in large chunks, while other times, they appear more like crumbling stone pieces.

You spend your days maneuvering your loader into place and removing rock. You work in an area that contains the needed materials, and you collect those materials by dropping the scooper of your loader, dragging it across the ground, and then twisting the full load onto a conveyor belt or truck. From here, the rock makes its way to a dump truck, which takes it off to be turned into useable material.

The biggest responsibility for an Operator, though, is to be safe. A loader is a fairly large piece of equipment with a scrapper or scoop attached to the front. If misused, it can cause some serious damage or injury. Removing chunks of rock can also be dangerous due to shallow utility pipes or lines, and it’s important that before any job starts, you’re aware of where your fellow workers are and of any possible obstructions.

Should I be a Quarry Loader Operator?

You should have a certificate degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Calm Under Pressure: You keep your cool when dealing with highly stressful situations.
  • Helpful: You always keep an eye out for what other people need.
  • Trustworthy: You are known for your personal integrity and honesty.

  • How to become a Quarry Loader Operator

    Most Quarry Loader Operators have no higher education and get on-the-job training. Think about earning a Certificate or Doctorate degree to increase your competitiveness in the field. Chart?chd=s:9aaaao&chl=no+college+%2881%25%29|||||doctorate+%2819%25%29&cht=p3&chs=466x180&chxr=0,81,81
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