Production Bow Maker

Fabricate and shape laminated archery bows.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$18,000 – $49,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Production Bow Makers do?

Fabricates and shapes laminated archery bows: Selects dies according to type bow to be produced and bolts dies to bow press. Applies epoxy resin to precut wood and fiberglass parts for laminating. Aligns parts, following reference marks, and clamps parts to press. Cures bows for specified time to form contour of bow, using bow press. Cuts string nocks in bow tips and bevels bow edge, using abrasive wheels and sanders. Shapes and finishes contour of bow, using belt sanders. Examines bow for twist and adjusts string position to compensate for deficiencies noted. Buffs bow to smooth finish, using power buffer. Measures force required to pull bow string to full draw, using scale and pulley device, to determine if bow meets specifications. May apply decorative or identifying decal to bow. May varnish and stain bow to protect surface. May assemble crossbows and be designated Crossbow Maker. May repair defects in bows damaged in production or returned to factory for repair.

Should I be a Production Bow Maker?

You should have a high school degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Levelheaded: You hold your emotions in check, even in tough situations.
  • Detail Oriented: You pay close attention to all the little details.
  • Reliable: You can always be counted on to do a good job.

  • Also known as: Bow Maker, Production

    How to become a Production Bow Maker

    Production Bow Makers generally graduate from high school and get on-the-job training. Think about earning a Certificate or Associate’s degree to increase your chances of finding a good job. Check out these schools offering Production Bow Maker-related education!
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