Political Analyst

Offer your opinions and advice on political happenings.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$49,000 – $155,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Political Analysts do?

The most visible example of Political Analysts can be found on TV. These are the people who appear on news shows and spout lines like “Exit polls indicate….” or “This will be a big question for Congress.” In other words, Political Analysts are the people who analyze the politics and Politicians of the time.

If you want to be a Political Analyst but the thought of appearing on TV makes you squeamish, never fear. There are jobs available in a number of other organizations, like government offices such as the CIA and the Department of Defense, or major universities. These types of jobs focus more on international rather than local politics. You learn as much as you can about the political systems of different countries, and how these political systems affect those countries’ relationship with the United States. You take a look at things like a country’s culture, values, available resources, literacy rate, and thousands of other factors that affect the way their leaders govern. You might also focus on a particular area of study. For example, you can look at things like terrorism or guerrilla warfare, or choose to specialize in one specific region of the world.

Once you’ve gathered as much information as you can, you analyze it and report your findings. Let’s say you work for a company interested in building international relations. You report what you think our country’s international policies should be, and identify any possible future threats to national security. Or if you work for, say, a news source focusing on local political campaigns, naturally you will look more at local politics.

Should I be a Political Analyst?

You should have a doctoral degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Independent: You enjoy flying solo and doing things your own way.
  • Persistent: You keep pushing through, even when faced with tough obstacles.
  • Trustworthy: You are known for your personal integrity and honesty.

  • How to become a Political Analyst

    Most Political Analysts have a Doctorate. Start by getting your Bachelor's degree. Chart?chd=s:aaadn9&chl=|||bachelor%27s+%284%25%29|master%27s+%2817%25%29|doctorate+%2878%25%29&cht=p3&chs=466x180&chxr=0,0,78
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