Laboratory Apparatus Glass Blower

Develop specifications for glass component parts and apparatus.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$19,000 – $44,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Laboratory Apparatus Glass Blowers do?

Develops specifications for glass component parts and apparatus, such as test tubes, retorts, and flasks, used in medical and laboratory products, and blows and shapes glass to required dimensions, applying knowledge of glass technology and glass blowing techniques: Develops sketch into blueprint specifications, correlates product design, and determines type of glass to use to fabricate product, utilizing knowledge of factors, such as effects of heat, vacuum, and corrosive chemicals. Heats glass tubing to pliable stage, using gas flame. Blows tubing into specified form, using compressed air or own breath. Shapes, bends, or joins sections of blown glass tubing, using flaring, pressing, and flattening handtools, and stop cork. Inspects and measures product to verify conformance to specifications, using instruments, such as micrometers, calipers, magnifier, and ruler. May anneal product, using annealing oven. May cut glass tubing to specified size and polish tube edges, using hand cutting and polishing wheels. May operate lathe grinder [GLASS GRINDER, LABORATORY APPARATUS 775.382-010] to grind stopcocks and joints to modify glass products. May operate glass blowing lathe [GLASS BLOWING LATHE OPERATOR 772.482-010] to join and shape glass tubing.

Should I be a Laboratory Apparatus Glass Blower?

You should have a certificate degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Trustworthy: You are known for your personal integrity and honesty.
  • Detail Oriented: You pay close attention to all the little details.
  • Independent: You enjoy flying solo and doing things your own way.

  • Also known as: Glass Blower, Laboratory Apparatus

    How to Become a
    Laboratory Apparatus Glass Blower

    We recommend at least a Certificate. Check out these schools offering Laboratory Apparatus Glass Blower-related education!
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