Home Stager

Decorate homes so they look attractive to potential buyers.

Quick Stats

Salary Range
$21,000 – $86,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Home Stagers do?

Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows the value of presentation. An empty, cluttered, or outdated home simply doesn’t have the appeal that a well-decorated, furnished home has. This is where the Home Stager’s forte lies. As a Home Stager, you transform an unappealing space into an inviting one.

To make this transformation and to create an enjoyable atmosphere for potential buyers, the Home Stager declutters the home, arranges or rearranges furniture, hides the negative, and brings out the best for that awe-inspiring first impression.

You may work as a Consultant, either providing a comprehensive staging report with suggestions that the homeowner can follow, or doing the actual staging yourself. You may also provide staging services through a real estate company. Many staging businesses provide furnishings for homes while they’re on the market, and then remove the furnishings after the homes are sold.

Home staging is a rapidly growing business because the number of homes on the market is high, and the competition is strong. Aside from this, staged homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes.

To be a successful Home Stager, you should be able to work well independently, within deadlines and budgets. You should also have a creative eye, with the ability to visualize and implement design ideas. Having a background in real estate is helpful as well.

Should I be a Home Stager?

You should have an associate's degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Leader: You're good at taking charge, giving directions, and inspiring other people.
  • Persistent: You keep pushing through, even when faced with tough obstacles.
  • Calm Under Pressure: You keep your cool when dealing with highly stressful situations.

  • How to become a Home Stager

    We recommend at least an Associate's degree. Check out these schools offering Home Stager-related education!
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