Fruit Harvest Worker

Harvest fruits and nuts.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$17,000 – $26,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Fruit Harvest Workers do?

Harvests fruits and nuts, such as cherries, strawberries, grapes, oranges, and pecans, according to method appropriate for type of fruit, by hand or using tools, such as shears, rubber mallet, pronged scoop, or hooked pole: Carries and positions work aids, such as ladders, canvas drop cloths, and buckets. Selects fruit to be harvested, according to size, shape, and color. Grasps, twists, and pulls fruit, snips stems, and shakes trees and vines to separate crop from plant and places fruit into bags, buckets, or trays, exercising care to avoid plant and fruit damage. Empties filled containers into collection boxes and bins. May stand on ladders or elevated platforms, stoop over plants, or crawl along rows to reach fruit. May measure fruit, using gauges. May pour fruit through screens when removing foreign matter, such as twigs and grasses. May position hand held vibrating device against branches of bushes to shake ripe fruit from branches. May dump fruit from containers onto conveyors or load containers onto trucks or wagons. May remove ladders, debris, boxes, and discarded fruit from fields and bogs to clean growing areas. May collect fallen nuts into piles, using rake. May carry and position irrigation pipes. May be identified with tasks being performed, such as rhubarb trimming, cranberry screening, and walnut knocking.

Should I be a Fruit Harvest Worker?

You should have a high school degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Levelheaded: You hold your emotions in check, even in tough situations.
  • Trustworthy: You are known for your personal integrity and honesty.
  • Reliable: You can always be counted on to do a good job.

  • Also known as: Fruit Harvester, Harvest Worker, Fruit

    How to become a Fruit Harvest Worker

    Fruit Harvest Workers generally graduate from high school and get on-the-job training. Think about earning a Certificate or Associate’s degree to increase your chances of finding a good job. Check out these schools offering Fruit Harvest Worker-related education!
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