Automatic Developer

Tend machines that develop sheets, strips, or continuous rolls of films.
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Quick Stats

Salary Range
$17,000 – $37,000

Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Automatic Developers do?

Tends machine that develops sheets, strips, or continuous roll of film preparatory to printing: Pulls film through trapdoor into darkroom. Strips paper backing from film and attaches identifying label. Feels edges of film to detect tears and repairs film, using stapler. Reads work order or feels film for size or notches to determine type of process and developing time required. Positions racks of film on machine chain links according to developing time required or threads leader of continuous roll through machine preparatory to processing. Activates machine that automatically transports film through series of chemical baths to develop, fix, harden, bleach, and wash film. Listens for sounds that indicate machine malfunctioning and notifies supervisor or maintenance personnel when repairs are needed. May run test strip through machine for inspection by supervisor and add chemicals to or adjust machine as directed. May tend equipment that develops, fixes image, and dries x-ray plates and be designated X-Ray-Developing-Machine Operator.

Should I be an Automatic Developer?

You should have a high school degree or higher and share these traits:
  • Detail Oriented: You pay close attention to all the little details.
  • Ready for a Challenge: You jump into new projects with initiative and drive.
  • Team Player: You're able to listen, communicate, and work with tons of different people.

  • Also known as: Developer, Automatic

    How to become an Automatic Developer

    Automatic Developers generally graduate from high school and get on-the-job training. Think about earning a Certificate or Associate’s degree to increase your chances of finding a good job. Check out these schools offering Automatic Developer-related education!
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