picture of Public Service Degree: What to expect?

Public Service Degree: What to expect?

Every company needs a Manager to make decisions, guide employees, set budgets, analyze and write policies, and oversee projects. With a public service degree, you could become the person who performs that job for an international company, the government, or a nonprofit organization. Here’s what... Read more


Top Jobs for Marketing Majors

After hours of classes, bonding experiences with roommates, and that one regrettable spring break trip to Mexico, you’re officially done with college. Though a history major beckoned and a business major enticed, in the end, you ended up settling on a marketing degree. Just like any graduating senior... Read more


Architecture Degree: What to expect?

Becoming an Architect is a career choice that offers variety to your day, challenges your creativity, stretches your problem-solving muscles, and rewards you with the chance to have your beautiful and artistic designs stamped all over town. Whether you want to design buildings or specialize as an... Read more


Anthropology Degree: What to expect?

Humans are interesting creatures, there’s no doubt about it. We think, move, evolve, change, grow, and act in ways completely different than other animals. As an Anthropologist, you could help answer some of the many baffling questions about where we came from and what we can expect in the future... Read more


Economics Degree: What to expect?

While some people think that running a restaurant, writing a book, or building a house constitutes a fulfilling day at work, others would much rather gather data, crunch numbers, and spit out usable results that the rest of us can use. If you’re one of those people, then find out what it’s like... Read more

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