Top Ten Degrees That Pay the Bills

Everyone dreams of having a job that they love, and earning a fat paycheck to go with it. For many people, however, it seems that only one or the other is possible—unless, of course, you have an indescribable passion for mechanical engineering. But don’t give up hope. There are high-paying jobs... Read more


Computer Forensics Degree: What to expect?

One part psychology plus three parts science equals a rewarding career in computer forensics. If you love “CSI” but aren’t inclined to gather blood off of dead bodies, why not use your curiosity, computer skills, and investigative abilities to help solve cases using clues hidden deep in the electronic... Read more


Paleontology Degree: What to expect?

Dinosaurs last roamed the earth about 250 million years ago, but for some people, the obsession with these creatures is still going strong. If you know what the defense mechanisms of the Triceratops were, how fast the T-Rex ran, or what color the Apatosaurus was, then a paleontology job might be... Read more


Top Paleontology Jobs

Paleontologists are often associated with dinosaurs, and in part, that’s accurate. On a more general scale, though, Paleontologists study the history of plants and animals by scrutinizing fossils. The majority of Paleontologists hold a Ph.D. in the field, so be prepared for some study time. Read... Read more

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