Entomology Degree: What to expect?

Police Officers protect people, and Animal Control Officers protect animals. But who helps plants when they’re under attack? The answer is: those with an entomology degree. Entomologists are people who study bugs. They figure out how insects affect people and the world in both positive and negative... Read more


Toxicology Degree: What to expect?

Toxicology is the scientific field that looks into what amount (and what type) of chemical is bad for people and the environment. Those working in this field figure out things like how much of a drug should be taken for an illness, if a warehouse that manufactures cleaning products is a safe workplace... Read more


Urban Design Degree: What to expect?

A Hairdresser helps when you need a new look, and an Architect is the one to call when you want to change your house. But whom do you turn to when your city needs to be spruced up? The answer: an Urban Designer, who combines aesthetics with logistics to create plans for beautiful cities and public... Read more


Statistics Degree: What to expect?

Figuring out how many red M&M’s there are in a bowl might seem like just a crowd-pleasing party trick, but if you apply the same math to bigger questions, you could help solve some major issues. Statisticians spend their days working to find the answers to problems in fields like medicine, marketing... Read more


Art History Degree: What to expect?

In the most basic terms, art history is the study of art’s storied past. It looks at different Artists and pieces from the various periods, and attempts to answer the question, “Is this art?” Being an Art Historian means looking at everything about the piece’s past, from the influences of the Artist... Read more

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