Top seven jobs for dog lovers

If you’re one of those people who believe there’s no such thing as a bad dog (they’re just misunderstood!), an ugly mutt (the hairless, rat-looking thing has pretty eyes!), or too much dog hair (it’s like an extra blanket on the couch!), then check out these top seven jobs for dog people. 1. Dog... Read more


7 reading jobs for bookworms

Maybe it’s the smell of an old book or the story inside that transports you to another time or place. Whatever it is, you’re a regular bibliophile. If you think the written word is man’s greatest accomplishment, spend your days supporting, creating, and preserving books with these seven jobs for... Read more


Top Ten Jobs for Crafty People

If you spend more time in your shop than in front of the television, why not turn that hobby into a career? Find out about schooling, training, and experience requirements for one of these top crafts jobs. 1) Furniture Maker — Manipulate metal or carve wood into whatever design your mind can envision... Read more


Top Ten Jobs for People Who Hate Cubicles

Get away from the desk and into your job—no chair required. 1) Animal Trainer/Breeder/Caretaker — Work as a Zookeeper, train dogs for security work, breed horses, become a Farrier, or get a job as an Animal Handler for the circus. 2) Welder — Welding definitely keeps you off your bum. Find... Read more

picture of Engineering Jobs and Careers

Engineering Jobs and Careers

Check out jobs in Engineering! If you have any suggestions for jobs you want added, just email info at and we’ll get it written for you! Read more

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