Culinary Arts Certificate

Culinary arts is a huge field of study. It encompasses all kinds of cooking and baking, but it also teaches you how to run a kitchen, create a menu, take inventory, order supplies, and plan ahead. If you’ve always wanted to become a Chef, Cook, or Baker, then earning a culinary arts certificate... Read more

picture of Butcher Certification

Butcher Certification

Butchers typically work for grocery stores or meat packaging plants. The job entails using equipment to make precise cuts of meat. What begins as a large side of beef becomes neat packages of cut, sliced, and chopped pieces ready for consumer purchase. The same is true for turkey, chicken, lamb... Read more


Welding Certification

Earning a welding certification not only makes your resume glisten, but it also sends a clear message to employers that you’re a master of your craft. Additionally, it means that your skills have been scrutinized by an expert in the field and deemed up to strict industry codes. So, if you’re a Welder... Read more


Pastry Certificate

Breads, pies, and dessert. Oh the sweet smell of sweets! If you love to make them as much as most of us love to eat them, then you’re here to find out if you can actually become a Pastry Chef. Of course you can, and earning a pastry certificate is a great way to get started. Do I need a pastry certificate... Read more


How Much Does a Commercial Pilot Make?

Commercial Pilots transport people and goods from one location to another. And they do it in style, too—soaring through the clouds with the birds and reaching for the open skies. Needless to say, this training-intensive profession requires both classroom instruction and practical experience. Commercial... Read more

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