Top Ten Degrees That Pay the Bills

Everyone dreams of having a job that they love, and earning a fat paycheck to go with it. For many people, however, it seems that only one or the other is possible—unless, of course, you have an indescribable passion for mechanical engineering. But don’t give up hope. There are high-paying jobs... Read more


Top 7 Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

The field of criminal justice offers a rewarding array of opportunities. You could work with children or adults, in the public or private sector, for the government, or in education. Whether you’re thinking of hitting a campus or working your way through an online criminal justice degree, consider... Read more

picture of Top Jobs for Retired Police Officers

Top Jobs for Retired Police Officers

Your career started long ago, when you trained and went to school to become a Police Officer. Whether through budget cuts, injury, burnout, or other reasons, it’s time for a change. But just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you want to stop working. There are plenty of jobs for retired Police... Read more

picture of History Degree: What to Expect?

History Degree: What to Expect?

Authors, Museum Curators, antique experts, researchers, Politicians, Business Executives, Lawyers, Teachers, and Professors — all of these are career opportunities for history majors. When wondering what history major careers are available, most people think of the dusty stack of books in the back... Read more


Aerial Jobs: For Those Who Like Heights

For most people, high on the list of desirable superpowers is the ability to fly. So why not make a career out of that dream with an aerial job? If you’re a real daredevil/thrill-seeker type, you might consider making a career in extreme sports instruction. Skydiving Instructors, for instance, make... Read more