Hospital Security Certificate

Working as a Security Guard is serious business. When you don the uniform, you become like Superman making the rest of us feel safe. And few security positions offer more challenge and esteem than those in a hospital setting. Certification is required in most states for most security positions... Read more


Fire Investigator Certification

Whether you hope to solve arson cases or aspire for a satisfying career in public safety, earning a Fire Investigator certificate can advance your skills and keep you up to date on the latest fire investigation techniques. Do I need Fire Investigator certification? Becoming a Fire Investigator requires... Read more


Legal Assistant Certification

Your first question might be, “What’s the difference between a Legal Assistant and a Paralegal? ” Even if you’re in the legal field, you might still be confused by the terminology. That’s because the American Bar Association and dozens of other major players in the legal field refer to Paralegals... Read more

picture of How Much Does a CIA Agent Make?

How Much Does a CIA Agent Make?

The mysterious and action-packed world of an Agent with the Central Intelligence Agency is intriguing to nearly everyone interested in law enforcement. The US government trusts this group of highly qualified individuals to protect American citizens in various locations around the world. However... Read more


Philosophy Degree: 5 Career Options

There are tons of jokes about job prospects for philosophy degree holders (Personal favorite: How do you get a philosophy major off your porch? Pay for the pizza). But in reality, there are a number of careers for philosophy majors. The reason for this is a philosophy degree teaches you how to think... Read more

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