Top Ten Jobs for People Who Hate Cubicles

Get away from the desk and into your job—no chair required. 1) Animal Trainer/Breeder/Caretaker — Work as a Zookeeper, train dogs for security work, breed horses, become a Farrier, or get a job as an Animal Handler for the circus. 2) Welder — Welding definitely keeps you off your bum. Find... Read more


Makeup Careers

Ghoulish masks, fake scars, taking the shine off for the camera—whether you hope to work with Actors on the big screen or are checking into careers in theatrical makeup, you can use that passion to follow your dream and earn a paycheck. Who knows, you could find a Horror Makeup Artist job, specialize... Read more

picture of 5 wine careers you'll love

5 wine careers you'll love

Usually when you stomp something with bare feet, add tiny organisms, and then let it go bad, you end up with a product that you don’t want to put in your mouth. Not so with wine. In fact, the longer you let wine age, the better it gets! Those in the wine industry know that there’s more to... Read more

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