How Much Does a Dentist Make?

Open up and say, “Ahhhh!” to a health care profession that’s both personally and financially rewarding. As a Dentist, you diagnose and treat teeth and gum problems. Even though you may cringe at memories of visiting the Dentist as a child, being on the other end of the drill may sound more appealing... Read more


Top Ten Degrees That Pay the Bills

Everyone dreams of having a job that they love, and earning a fat paycheck to go with it. For many people, however, it seems that only one or the other is possible—unless, of course, you have an indescribable passion for mechanical engineering. But don’t give up hope. There are high-paying jobs... Read more


Sports Nutrition Certification

Major Athletes hold the enviable position of being able to eat literally whatever they want and still retain a slim, toned shape. The people to thank for this aren’t their gene-passing parents, but rather their Sports Nutritionists. Like any Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionists create meal plans for... Read more


Medical Transcriptionist Certification

In the hustle and bustle of a hospital or medical clinic, it can be easy to forget or lose the notes a Doctor makes for each patient. To avoid possible medical mistakes, Physicians often make verbal notes with the help of tape recorders. The job of a Medical Transcriptionist is to take these recordings... Read more


Medical Billing Certification

Get a leg up on the competition by proving your commitment to quality work. Apply for a certificate in medical billing program and complete the coursework to enhance your credibility within this competitive industry. If you already work as a Medical Biller or Claims Processor, earning your certification... Read more

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