How Much Does a Registered Nurse Make?

The days of Nurses wearing cute, little hats and white dresses are long gone, but the duties of the Registered Nurse (RN) remain the same. As a Registered Nurse, you treat patients in a variety of settings, while also educating them and the public about various medical conditions. You often act... Read more


How Much Does a Phlebotomist Make?

You’re not a vampire, but you make a living taking blood from people. As a Phlebotomist, you work in a hospital or medical clinic, assisting with clinical laboratory operations by collecting blood samples for testing. This is a specialty field within the category of Medical Technicians, a much broader... Read more


How Much Does a Pharmacist Make?

As a Pharmacist, you’re the know-it-all (in a good way) behind the pharmacy counter, and you’re a great help when it comes to medicines, medical advice, and counseling on medications prescribed by treating Physicians. Working in an independently owned pharmacy, a retail superstore, or a chain drugstore... Read more


How Much Does a Pediatrician Make?

Even though Dr. Seuss wasn’t a Pediatrician, it would be a great name for a child’s Physician, wouldn’t it? In a Pediatrician career, you specialize in the care and treatment of infants, children, teenagers, and young adults. You work with other Physicians and Nurses, administering vaccines and... Read more


How Much Does a Practical Nurse Make?

Caring for sick, injured, disabled, or convalescent people, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) work under the direction and supervision of Physicians and Registered Nurses. Providing patient care means more than just assisting patients in and out of bed, or changing wound dressings. You also track... Read more

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