How Much Does a Speech Pathologist Make?

A career in speech pathology provides you with the chance to help others communicate with the world, thus opening new doors for your patients every day. Whether their speech impediments were caused by traumatic injuries, medical conditions, or developmental delays, you work to assess, diagnose... Read more


Public Health Degree: 5 Career Options

Just like an individual, an entire community can get sick. The problem may be obvious, like a massive outbreak of TB, or more obscure, like a high rate of teen pregnancy or illegal drug use. When this happens, the job of curing the community falls on Public Health Workers instead of Doctors or hospitals... Read more


How Much Does a Flight Nurse Make?

The thrill of saving lives combines with the excitement of soaring through the air in a helicopter to create an experience unlike any other in the nursing field. As a Flight Nurse, you complete all of the basic duties of a Registered Nurse, while flying through the skies! The fast-paced nature of... Read more


How Much Does a Pharmacy Technician Make?

As a Pharmacy Technician, you spend your days behind the counter of the local pharmacy, working one-on-one with customers and filling prescriptions. You gather or confirm insurance information, input requests into the computer system, and answer basic customer questions. You may also be responsible... Read more


How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

If you love running the show and helping people at the same time, you may enjoy the responsibilities of a Medical Assistant. In this position, you keep the medical office running smoothly by assisting with administrative tasks like making appointments and filing paperwork, along with clinical duties... Read more

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