Dental Assistant Certificate

If you’d like to become a Dental Assistant, earning a certificate will give your resume, your confidence, and your knowledge base a boost. It’s also a great start if you hope to gain some practical experience and then continue your education to become a Dental Hygienist. Whatever your goals, here’s... Read more


Physical Therapy Assistant Certification

Working as a Physical Therapy Assistant is a rewarding way to help people who have been injured or are regaining strength after a disease or surgery. Here’s what you need to know. Do I need Physical Therapy Assistant certification? Many college programs offer a Physical Therapy Assistant certificate... Read more


How Much Does a Medical Technologist Make?

As a Medical Technologist, you use your analytical skills to assist in diagnosing patients through laboratory testing at hospitals, medical facilities, and pharmaceutical companies. Get out that microscope because you’ll examine body fluids and cells, looking for the source of the problem as well... Read more


How Much Does a Cardiologist Make?

Working with patients in both hospitals and medical offices, Cardiologists diagnose and treat conditions of the heart. As a Cardiologist, you determine the appropriate treatment for many life-threatening diseases and conditions by reviewing each patient’s medical history and conducting a physical... Read more


How Much Does a Psychiatrist Make?

A psychiatric career lets you improve the mental health — and the lives — of patients through psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, medication, and hospitalization. Forget the image of a long couch where you tell patients to lie down, because you’ll do so much more than that. Today’s Psychiatrist holds... Read more

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