picture of Art Education Degree: What to expect?

Art Education Degree: What to expect?

So, you love art. You can identify the influences of Monet, create breathtaking sculptures out of anything moldable, and even find something beautiful in modern art. You love to paint, and a good art history book sucks you in for hours. The only problem? You don’t want to spend your days struggling... Read more


Degree in Counseling: What to expect?

If you enjoy helping people find peace, achieve goals, and live richer lives, then a job as a Counselor might be a perfect fit. Whether you hope to work as an Academic Advisor at a college, offering your two cents to get students on the right path, or as a Marriage Counselor, helping married couples... Read more

picture of Music Education Degree: What to expect?

Music Education Degree: What to expect?

You have a passion for music. You want to share your love of harmonies, trills, and crescendos with others. You are constantly being told how patient you are. On top of all that, you’re creative, energetic, and a great communicator. Talk about a unique skill set! If you’re thinking, “Yep, that sounds... Read more


Physical Education Degree: What to expect?

Are you the active type who loves to play sports, participate in team games, and compete? If so, you’re probably considering ways that you could use a physical education degree. After all, it’s always more fun to make money when you enjoy what you’re doing. Fortunately, if you like learning about... Read more


Top 7 Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

The field of criminal justice offers a rewarding array of opportunities. You could work with children or adults, in the public or private sector, for the government, or in education. Whether you’re thinking of hitting a campus or working your way through an online criminal justice degree, consider... Read more

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