Family Therapy Degree: What to expect?

As a Family Counselor, you put the pieces back together. Using your degree in family therapy, you teach families — or family members such as parents — to communicate and resolve conflicts. You tell them to calmly discuss the situation and come to a resolution rather than screaming and... Read more


Top Paleontology Jobs

Paleontologists are often associated with dinosaurs, and in part, that’s accurate. On a more general scale, though, Paleontologists study the history of plants and animals by scrutinizing fossils. The majority of Paleontologists hold a Ph.D. in the field, so be prepared for some study time. Read... Read more

picture of Public Service Degree: What to expect?

Public Service Degree: What to expect?

Every company needs a Manager to make decisions, guide employees, set budgets, analyze and write policies, and oversee projects. With a public service degree, you could become the person who performs that job for an international company, the government, or a nonprofit organization. Here’s what... Read more


Top Jobs for Language Majors in 2013

The world is a huge and widely diverse place. But breaking down the language barrier brings the people, cultures, and nations of the world closer together. With your knowledge of another language (or two), you have the ability to bridge that gap for citizens, businesses, and governments. Plus, the... Read more

picture of Religion Degree: What to expect?

Religion Degree: What to expect?

Religion is a fascinating topic. Whether you plan to become a Priest, a Rabbi, a Teacher, a Researcher, a Counselor, or a Historian, it might be of interest to you. There are a variety of options when it comes to religion degrees, so here are a few ideas of what to expect on your journey. Training... Read more

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