Philosophy Degree: 5 Career Options

There are tons of jokes about job prospects for philosophy degree holders (Personal favorite: How do you get a philosophy major off your porch? Pay for the pizza). But in reality, there are a number of careers for philosophy majors. The reason for this is a philosophy degree teaches you how to think... Read more


Public Health Degree: 5 Career Options

Just like an individual, an entire community can get sick. The problem may be obvious, like a massive outbreak of TB, or more obscure, like a high rate of teen pregnancy or illegal drug use. When this happens, the job of curing the community falls on Public Health Workers instead of Doctors or hospitals... Read more


Sociology Degree: 5 Career Options

Sociology is the study of society. It uses different techniques to answer questions about why society functions the way it does. For example, Sociologists might spend their days answering questions like “Why do men and women relate to each other the way they do?” or “Why does social class affect... Read more


Criminal Justice Degree: 5 Career Options

In an ideal world, people would always be nice, crime wouldn’t exist, and coffee refills would always be free. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world. Good thing the criminal justice system exists to keep people in line and combat the effects of crime (no word yet on the refill situation, though)... Read more

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