picture of Chicano Studies Degree: What to expect?

Chicano Studies Degree: What to expect?

Chicano studies is a degree program that looks at the world through the eyes of Chicanos and Chicanas—people of Mexican descent. The purpose of this degree is to examine the different facets of Chicano culture, such as literature, history, and politics. Students in this degree program are introduced... Read more


Celtic Studies Degree: What to expect?

Celtic studies programs are all about the six Celtic nations, which are Ireland, Scotland, England, Cornwall, Brittany, and the Isle of Man. This degree looks at their languages, culture, history, and literature. Training Like a Chicano studies or German degree, this area of study gives you a strong... Read more


Child Development Certificate

Anyone who works in a nursery, child care center, school environment, or counseling center can benefit from a better understanding of how children develop. If you’re aiming for a career that involves working with children, here’s what you need to know about earning a certificate. Do I need a child... Read more


How Much Does a College Professor Make?

Whether you’re lecturing on the finer points of underwater basket weaving or conducting an experiment to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop, your days are never the same as a College Professor. The intellectual stimulation of the academic environment and the reward... Read more


Human Development Degree: What to expect?

There are few things more amazingly intricate than the human body and mind. Humans are unique creatures with free will (although this might be disputed in your philosophy class), decision-making abilities, and of course, opposable thumbs. If a career working with children, adults, or the elderly... Read more

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