Executive Coaching Certificate

An executive coaching certificate gives you the skills you need to facilitate growth and production within an organization. You can use the skills in your own job, or to teach others how to improve productivity, motivate employees, set goals, evaluate and improve performance, and communicate. Sound... Read more


Teacher Aide Certificate

Working as a Teacher is a challenging and rewarding job. With growing class sizes and constant changes in educational requirements, a Teacher Aide (also known as an Educational Aide) can spell the difference between a class in chaos and one that provides a real opportunity to learn. If you want... Read more


Infant Mental Health Certificate

Babies and young children grow at an amazing rate, and learn and change daily. Sometimes, though, they have mental and/or physical development issues that cause them and their families to struggle. If you work in a childcare, nursing, or counseling environment and want to better understand how to... Read more


Slavic Studies Degree: What to expect?

If you think Tolstoy was the bee’s knees, or fervently believe that the world would be just the slightest bit better if we were all speaking Polish, consider getting a degree in Slavic studies. Slavic studies cover a lot of ground and look a little bit different at every university. You can focus... Read more


German Degree: What to expect?

Between Oktoberfest, lederhosen, and bratwurst, it goes without saying that Germany is a pretty sweet country. Add in a riveting history, a viable economy, and fascinating music videos, and you’ve got one interesting place to study and visit. For those who hope to put their love of German culture... Read more

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