Degree in Agriculture: What to expect?

Agriculture is a huge industry, and one that provides thousands of jobs. Whether you want to own a ranch, sell agricultural chemicals, or become an Agriculture Professor, a degree in the field is a promising first step. A quick internet search will render hundreds of schools that offer degrees in... Read more


7 Water jobs for the aquatically inclined

Not being near water makes you uncomfortable, almost like a salmon on a hot grill or a fish out of…well, you get it. The point is you love the water. If everything about it makes you happy—from the rush of the waves to the smell of chlorine in a pool—consider taking one of these water-centered jobs... Read more

picture of 7 Underwater Jobs you should know

7 Underwater Jobs you should know

Think dry land isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? You’re not alone. Employers are now heeding the call of the sea. Shed your land legs and explore exotic career choices underneath the bright blue waters. 1. Underwater Welder — Oil rigs and other underwater structures need constant maintenance... Read more


Top seven jobs for dog lovers

If you’re one of those people who believe there’s no such thing as a bad dog (they’re just misunderstood!), an ugly mutt (the hairless, rat-looking thing has pretty eyes!), or too much dog hair (it’s like an extra blanket on the couch!), then check out these top seven jobs for dog people. 1. Dog... Read more


7 Careers for shy people

Some people love the spotlight; they chat up Barista, work as Talk Show Hosts, and bond with Salespeople everywhere. This, however, is not you. If the idea of talking to someone makes you clam up and get knots in your stomach, check out these career options for shy people. 1. Forestry Technician... Read more