picture of Wildlife Management Degree: What to expect?

Wildlife Management Degree: What to expect?

Despite the name, Wildlife Managers don’t spend their working hours herding animals into conference rooms for a weekly staff meeting. Instead, they focus on preserving the delicate balance between humankind and nature by carefully monitoring the use of natural resources and the effects of human... Read more


Forestry Degree: What to expect?

You may have heard the debates on the national news. Conservationists argue that we harvest too many trees, stripping the land of its natural beauty. Environmentalists claim that logging damages the air and water. Businesses dispute these declarations and create one-sided campaigns to support their... Read more


Aerial Jobs: For Those Who Like Heights

For most people, high on the list of desirable superpowers is the ability to fly. So why not make a career out of that dream with an aerial job? If you’re a real daredevil/thrill-seeker type, you might consider making a career in extreme sports instruction. Skydiving Instructors, for instance, make... Read more


Top 7 Horticulture Jobs

There are some people whose passions or hobbies define them—for example, “dog people” or “boat people.” But “plant people” are often the most hidden kind, tucked away in backyards, obsessively testing soil and talking to plants as if they were their children. Rather than “wacky neighbor too attached... Read more


Mechanic Degrees: What are my options?

Whether you’re looking for your first job or planning a career change, a job as a Mechanic is an ever-growing, rewarding, and challenging career choice. Some Mechanics (sometimes known as Auto Technicians) jump right in with a parent, mentor, or friend to learn the ropes. But, with the increasing... Read more