Enology Degree: What to expect?

If wine is the nectar of the gods, then those with enology degrees must be the human equivalent of a sugar-producing plant. This type of degree allows oenophiles to turn their love into a career, as they learn the ways of the grape to improve everything about wine, from its taste to its looks. Training... Read more

picture of Emergency Management Degree: What to expect?

Emergency Management Degree: What to expect?

It seems that every time you turn on the news or flip to your home page, there’s another natural disaster driving people from their homes. Tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and terrorist attacks are horrible by nature, but without quick decision-making and action, loss of life... Read more


Advertising Degree: What to expect?

If you want to know what the typical workday of an Advertiser is like, imagine the show Mad Men, but without the copious drinking, flirting, and shirking of work. In fact, just take the basics: that Advertisers meet with clients, figure out what those clients are looking for, and then, through a... Read more


Top Jobs for International Studies Majors

The world’s a big place. With so much diversity and so many differences from one country to the next, careers for international studies majors abound. Professions falling under this line of work all contribute to the “project management” of the planet — that is, promoting peace and allying countries... Read more

picture of 5 Jobs for Sociology Majors

5 Jobs for Sociology Majors

Since time began, humans have lived together in groups to increase their chances of survival. Today, modern society still forms groups, be it political, religious, or cultural in nature. Sociologists turn their love of research and their fascination with human behavior into careers solving social... Read more

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