Sports Degree: What to expect?

The cheering crowds in the stands, the crack of a bat against a baseball, the Vendors selling lemonade to thirsty fans — this energetic atmosphere found at any sports event is made possible by the dedicated management behind the scenes. Whether you want to organize the sporting event of the year... Read more

picture of Music Education Degree: What to expect?

Music Education Degree: What to expect?

You have a passion for music. You want to share your love of harmonies, trills, and crescendos with others. You are constantly being told how patient you are. On top of all that, you’re creative, energetic, and a great communicator. Talk about a unique skill set! If you’re thinking, “Yep, that sounds... Read more


Physical Education Degree: What to expect?

Are you the active type who loves to play sports, participate in team games, and compete? If so, you’re probably considering ways that you could use a physical education degree. After all, it’s always more fun to make money when you enjoy what you’re doing. Fortunately, if you like learning about... Read more


Public Relations degree: What to expect?

With a career in public relations, you’re a professional Manager and storyteller. Public relations is an important aspect of any large company’s or petite starlet’s public image. Whether you’re cleaning up their mess, averting a disaster, or making the general public love your client just a little... Read more


Language Degree: What to expect?

Traveling abroad is a common experience for many college students today. Foreign countries offer new foods, friends, and sights that give you that certain air of worldliness (that is, the ability to say you’ve drunk in 16 different countries). But what if being in another country is, for you, more... Read more

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