Visual Merchandising Degree: What to expect?

As a Visual Merchandiser, you create the visual layout of a store, including all window displays, floor plans, and in-store arrangements. You make the store’s products look more enticing by setting them up in an attractive way, your goal being to draw customers in and guide them along paths throughout... Read more


Stage Management Degree: What to expect?

A Stage Manager controls everything surrounding a stage production. Getting a degree in stage management will set you up for a career in entertainment — behind the camera. Your biggest job will be to plan the rehearsals, and when it’s show time, you’ll send Actors out from behind the curtain... Read more


Public Relations Certificate

Though you may never realize it, you hear from a public relations person pretty much every day. Information about a product recall, a statement from the President, or news from a university—everything that’s created to be the official statement of an organization or company comes from a public relations... Read more


Nutrition Certification

Healthy living begins with what we put into our bodies. The fuel that is our food also helps fight disease, erase obesity, solve the diabetes epidemic, and make us feel more energetic. To jump onto the fast track towards a nutrition career, consider earning a certificate in nutrition. Training Programs... Read more


Illustration Degree: What to expect?

Admit it, you still browse through picture books at the library and can name your favorite from your childhood. Heck, you might even still own it. There’s a reason kids love picture books, and it has little to do with the story. Brightly colored pictures and lifelike animals bring to life exciting... Read more

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