Fashion Merchandising Certificate

Every time you walk past a retail window display or find yourself staring at a mannequin, you’re looking at the work of a Fashion Merchandiser. If you have a passion for fashion and want to work in the industry, earning your certificate is a great place to start. As a bonus, if you already work... Read more


Visual Communication Certificate

Communication is a difficult skill, even when everyone around you speaks the same language. Now try relaying a message to ears that only understand a language other than yours. Yikes! One way that companies get around language barriers is by creating messages in picture form (think airplane safety... Read more


Photography Certificate

Photography is an art, a craft, a science, and a passion. If you want to pursue one of the many opportunities your camera can provide, earning a photography certificate can give you the jump-start you need. What can a photography certificate do for me? Earning your certificate shows customers and... Read more


Technical Writing Certificate

Technical writing is part of our everyday lives, from the manual that came with our coffee pots to our companies’ policies and procedures pamphlets. Technical writing requires you to scour, well, technical information, and turn it into something the rest of us can comprehend. If you think you can... Read more


Sign Language Certificate

People who are deaf or mute face challenges that the rest of us give little thought to. Even if they can sign, it’s often difficult for them to communicate with people at the bank, at the Doctor ’s office, at school, and even at the grocery store or gas station. Earning a sign language certificate... Read more

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