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7 Detail-Oriented Jobs with High Salaries

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013
If the term “detail-oriented” is at the top of your resume, here’s a useful list of jobs that utilize that skill and reward it with a high salary... Read more

7 Jobs for People with Bad Backs

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013
Back problems are extremely common. But don’t let the fact that you’re down in the back get you down on the job hunt. The key is to find a career... Read more

Top Ten Jobs for People with OCD

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013
Obsessive-compulsive disorder can wreak havoc on career goals. But if OCD is part of your personality, it just means that you need to find the... Read more

7 Jobs for Antisocial People

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013
If the thought of working with other people makes you want to hole up in a tent and forget about getting a job, don’t fret! There are plenty of jobs for antisocial people. Check out these ideas. 1. Night Security Guard... Read more

Is Career Immersion Right For You? 6 Ways to Find Out

Career Advice | April 08, 2013
Choosing the right career path is hard—especially if a big education commitment (like getting a new degree) is involved. To help navigate these... Read more

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