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Top Ten Jobs for Curious People

Career Ideas | July 17, 2013


It’s good to be curious about your world. And there are plenty of jobs that allow you to ask, “How does that work?” or “What does that do?” Check out some of the most interesting jobs for curious types:

1. Archaeologist
Spend your days digging up old bones, piecing together the fragments of human history, and discovering animals previously unrecorded in the science books.
Salary: $31,000 – $89,000

2. Private Investigator
What could be better than being paid to find the dirt others want to keep hidden? Often working unusual hours in various locations, you follow spouses accused of cheating, dig up confidential business memos, and track down missing persons.
Salary: $26,000 – $75,000

3. Geologist
Help other Scientists locate oil reserves, uncover catastrophic events of the past, and study history through rocks.
Salary: $26,000 – $75,000

4. Historian
Fly from country to country on a worldwide scavenger hunt. Gather clues and piece together events from the Wild West, presidential elections, or the lives of world leaders.
Salary: $26,000 – $96,000

5. Philosopher
Every day begins with “What if” when you’re a Philosopher. Your daily life revolves around philosophic research, intense discussion, and—most likely—teaching.
Salary: Varies Widely

6. Engineer
There are thousands of engineering jobs. Whether you’re designing a bridge as a Civil Engineer, or unlocking the mysteries of the human body as a Biomedical Engineer, every Engineer works to solve a problem. That’s a perfect fit for a curious person.
Salary: $50,000 – $139,000

7. Test Pilot
Scientists and Engineers are obvious choices for curious people, but imagine flying a plane with new instrumentation or systems. True, this is a dangerous job, but don’t you want to know how the plane works?
Salary: $35,000 – $120,000

8. Market Researcher
Market Researchers analyze the way people behave. More specifically, you figure out why certain types of people buy certain types of products. If you like math, you might enjoy this position: the job revolves around analyzing raw data in order to help companies develop, enhance, and market their goods.
Salary: $33,000 – $111,000

9. Climatologist
What’s the average temperature of Naples going to be in ten years? Why are storms getting so violent? Your curiosity, some training, and a whole lot more questions just might result in an answer.
Salary: $45,000 – $132,000

10. Sociologist
Why do people succumb to peer pressure? What will happen if one person in a crowd begins to sing out loud? Ask all the questions you want, and then create experiments to answer them as a Sociologist.
Salary: $44,000 – $130,000

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