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Top Jobs for Video Gamers

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013


Imagine having a boss who actually wants you to play games all day. If you work as a Video Game Tester, that could actually be your life! In reality, only a few lucky people get to work this dream job. But the video game industry—which develops, markets, and sells digital games—has many more careers that can put your gaming know-how to good use.

You could work on a game’s technical foundation as a Game Programmer, or work the artistic angle as an Animator, 3D Modeler, or Game Script Writer. If you’re drawn to business, you could discover what gamers really want as a Marketing Analyst, or promote new releases as a Sales Rep.

Whatever your interests, you’ll be part of a fast-paced, innovative industry. If you’re ready for the challenge of constant change, look below to explore more video game jobs.

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