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Top Jobs for Hands-On Workers

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013


Do you like tinkering with things? Would you jump at the chance to try out a blowtorch? Then you’d probably enjoy a hands-on job.

From Explosion Welders to Robotics Techs these can be some of the coolest careers on the market. Fly high as a Pilot, create beautiful baubles as a Jewelry Designer, or keep cars running as an Auto Mechanic. Shape huge sheets of metal or plastic to your will as a CNC Operator or maneuver construction material as a Crane Operator. The main idea? You’ve got lots of options.

Plus, tons of companies are looking for skilled workers in areas like manufacturing. So if you choose to work in this industry, you’ll have a good shot at a great long-term career and a pretty nice paycheck every two weeks. Scroll down to learn more about these awesome hands-on jobs.

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