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Top Jobs for Food Lovers

Career Ideas | June 11, 2013


Want to turn your passion for food into a successful job? You’ve got lots of options beyond the traditional choices of chef, baker, and caterer (although these are great jobs too!).

“The wonderful thing about the food industry is there are so many avenues you can explore to find the fit that brings you the most value and fulfillment,” says food career expert Barbara Lang. “There are so many roads to take.”

You can develop new taste as a Flavor Chemist, import artisan goods as an Specialty Food Buyer, or help clients explore whole new worlds of flavor as a Nutritionist. If you’re interested in more off-the-beaten-trail choices, consider becoming a Culinary Historian, Research Chef, or Food Scientist.

Check out all your choices by browsing the delectable selection of our favorite food-inspired careers below.

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