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Majoring in Computer Science? 100 Careers to Consider

Career Ideas | August 19, 2013


Computers are part of almost every part of our lives, from the phones we use to the food we eat. So majoring in comp sci can be a seriously smart move for the 21st century.

Not only will you learn about computers (hardware and software), you’ll also learn about the real-world applications of technology.

Imagine designing a circuit board for the next generation of iPads, creating a satellite program that could warn about an oncoming tsunami, or building a website that connects millions of people. Pretty cool, right?

Also, a shout-out to the ladies: Only 12% of computer science grads are women! This is a huge problem, both for women who would be happy in computer science and for society in general. Regardless of gender, it’s worth checking out a computer science course to see if it’s up your alley.

With new tech innovations driving up the demand for skilled scientists, computer pros are among the most in-demand job applicants. “The country is producing 40,000 computer science graduates each year, but the need is for more than 120,000,” points out William Kamela, policy advisor for Microsoft.

And that means your chances of landing a job after graduation are pretty good.

Not only that, computer science jobs can bring in some of the biggest paychecks. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the starting salary for comp sci majors was $65,000. And the average salary for all computer science careers is closer to $80,000. Not bad at all.

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