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Introducing the Inside Jobs Blog!

Inside Jobs News | August 01, 2012


Welcome to Inside Jobs Blog!

As part of our mission to help you discover what you want to become and find the education to make it happen, we’ve created this blog to spark career conversations.

Is this blog for me?

Are you trying to figure out what you want to do with your life? Are you looking for a new direction? Are you someone—like a career counselor, parent, or teacher—who wants to help other people plan their next step? Then this blog is for you.

What can I find on this blog?

This blog is focused on topics around how to choose a career, find career training, and pay for your education. Our goal? To give you the resources you need to create a future you’ll love.

How can I join the conversation?

If you’ve got an opinion, a burning question, or a great idea for the blog, we’d love to hear it! It’s easy to connect with us. You can:

• Leave a comment on this post
• Share your thoughts on Facebook
• Tweet an idea on Twitter
• Shoot an email to our editor Annie at

Passion, sweat, and lots of espresso have gone into the creation of this blog. We’re excited to share it, hear your ideas, and get the conversations rolling!

- Annie + the Inside Jobs Team