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Creative Careers That Pay You Back

Career Ideas | July 01, 2013


You thrive on creativity. You think outside the box. You bring an artistic eye to every project. And now you’re ready for a career where you can put all that creativity to work!

But here’s the catch: many art-related gigs come with itty bitty paychecks. If you don’t want to live in a cardboard box for the rest of your life, are there any good career choices?

Making a living in a creative industry is rarely easy. But it’s not impossible.

We’ve rounded up a list of jobs that pay an average of around $50,000—so you can both survive and thrive as an innovator (no office drone work for you!). These jobs aren’t all in traditional art industries, but they do allow you to flex your creative muscles. Check out seven of our favorite creative careers that pay the bills:

1. Social Media Manager
Getting yelled at for browsing Pinterest? Not in this job! Your creativity comes into play as you spot trends, learn about new platforms and figure out how each social media tool can best serve your company.

2. Music Producer
As a Music Producer you oversee the recording and distribution of songs to create amazing, innovative, and highly desired tracks. You’re also a fortune-teller: successful Music Producers are able to listen to a band’s songs and accurately predict which songs will sell well to an entertainment-hungry public.

3. Software Engineer
Software Engineers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Whether you’re designing a game or coming up with an idea for a new smartphone app, you’ve got to think outside the box.

4. Makeup Artist
When you work your makeup magic on a client, every side becomes their good side. From smoky-eyed Models to the stay-at-home moms taking a day off with girlfriends, everyone needs your artistic skills at some point.

5. Chef
Dreaming up outrageous flavor combos, arranging food beautifully on a plate, inventing whole new cooking methods—these are just some of the ways you bring creativity into the kitchen.

6. Marketing Manager
As a Marketing Manager, you work to get your company front and center. You’re constantly dreaming up unique ways to market your brand and creative ideas to catch your audience’s eye.

7. Sound Engineer
You blend acoustic artistry with technical knowledge to skillfully record, remix, or amplify music tracks, sounds effects, and more.

8. Video Game Designer
Your inventive skills, outside-the-box problem solving and artistic talents all come into play as you develop original concepts, layouts and rules for your game.

9. PR Specialist
As a PR Specialist, you have to stay on your toes to figure out innovative ways to share your company’s triumphs with the media (and smooth over any scandals that might occur!).

10. Landscape Architect
Landscape Architects are all about outdoor spaces. Your creative vision results in well-designed gardens, parks and even more mundane places, like airports or traffic circles. This job is a perfect mix of artistry and nature.

What creative career would you choose?

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