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Career Idea: A Day in the Life of a Television Producer

Career Ideas | September 07, 2012

100 Most Outrageous Celebrity Moments. 100 Greatest One-Hit-Wonders. 100 Greatest Kid Stars.

You can watch some pretty awesome countdown shows on the television channel VH1. But who actually creates each of these shows?

We went to find out, and met one of the men behind the magic: Bernie, a Television Producer at VH1.

To create our Day in the Life of a Television Producer video profile (watch above), we talked with Bernie about his job, learned about how he broke into the industry, and got the inside scoop on some great behind-the-scenes stories.

His favorite part of the job? “I always like the opportunity to tell some kind of story … I’m doing things that I find interesting. I’m not waiting for the workday to end.”

For anyone interested in a television career, the best time to watch this video is right … now!

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