German Degree: What to expect?

Between Oktoberfest, lederhosen, and bratwurst, it goes without saying that Germany is a pretty sweet country. Add in a riveting history, a viable economy, and fascinating music videos, and you’ve got one interesting place to study and visit. For those who hope to put their love of German culture... Read more

picture of Chicano Studies Degree: What to expect?

Chicano Studies Degree: What to expect?

Chicano studies is a degree program that looks at the world through the eyes of Chicanos and Chicanas—people of Mexican descent. The purpose of this degree is to examine the different facets of Chicano culture, such as literature, history, and politics. Students in this degree program are introduced... Read more


Celtic Studies Degree: What to expect?

Celtic studies programs are all about the six Celtic nations, which are Ireland, Scotland, England, Cornwall, Brittany, and the Isle of Man. This degree looks at their languages, culture, history, and literature. Training Like a Chicano studies or German degree, this area of study gives you a strong... Read more


Graphic Design Certification

Have you always hoped to become a Graphic Designer? Do you have a passion for art and computers? Earning your graphic design certificate is a great way to get to know the field of graphic design and jump-start your career. Here’s what to expect. Do I need graphic design certification? Graphic design... Read more


Fire Investigator Certification

Whether you hope to solve arson cases or aspire for a satisfying career in public safety, earning a Fire Investigator certificate can advance your skills and keep you up to date on the latest fire investigation techniques. Do I need Fire Investigator certification? Becoming a Fire Investigator requires... Read more

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