Infant Mental Health Certificate

Babies and young children grow at an amazing rate, and learn and change daily. Sometimes, though, they have mental and/or physical development issues that cause them and their families to struggle. If you work in a childcare, nursing, or counseling environment and want to better understand how to... Read more


Human Resource Management Certificate

Human resource jobs are available in every type of industry. Here’s what a certificate program can do for you. Do I need a human resource management certificate? In short, no. But, can it help you in a variety of professional ways? You bet! Training There are two kinds of human resource professionals... Read more


Makeup Artist Certification

Whether you want to dust the sheen off a News Anchor ’s nose or create a ghoulish look for a community theater production, learning about makeup is the first step. Take your passion for fashion and turn it into a career by signing up for classes and earning a makeup artistry or application certificate... Read more


Entomology Degree: What to expect?

Police Officers protect people, and Animal Control Officers protect animals. But who helps plants when they’re under attack? The answer is: those with an entomology degree. Entomologists are people who study bugs. They figure out how insects affect people and the world in both positive and negative... Read more


Toxicology Degree: What to expect?

Toxicology is the scientific field that looks into what amount (and what type) of chemical is bad for people and the environment. Those working in this field figure out things like how much of a drug should be taken for an illness, if a warehouse that manufactures cleaning products is a safe workplace... Read more

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