What Can You Do With a Math Degree? 5 Career Options

For those who don’t love the subject, math is useful only for figuring out which train will make it to the station first, or what the area of a star-shaped garden is.

However, for those with math skills, there’s a world of math career options out there. You can do everything from research to teaching to keeping the financial world in order. All that’s required is some serious math knowledge and a calculator with fresh batteries.

1. Statistician— Sort of like a fortune teller, but one who uses math, you predict the future or organize the present. Statisticians are the people who figure out facts like “One in three Doctors believes….” or help guestimate how the general population will behave based on a small sampling of people.

2. Forensic Accountant — Use your degree in mathematics to help Cops bust criminals. Forensic Accountants look for evidence of wrongdoing in the financial books of companies under investigation for fraud, money laundering, or other suspicious financial activities.

3. Quantitative Analyst — Work with financial institutions like banks and investment firms to create the mathematical equations and models used to figure out the market. Your calculations let investors make educated guesses about what a stock’s future will be and what move they should make.

4. SAT Instructor — Between the required essay and the oh-so-important extracurricular activities, getting into college is a fairly stressful endeavor these days. Make the college entrance exam one less thing to worry about for students by breaking down everything they need to know. Explain difficult concepts and give test prep to make sure they’re ready to go on the big day.

5. Engineer — This is one of those jobs for math majors who hope to use their skills to design and create. With loads of areas of specialization, like electrical, civil, and mechanical, you’re sure to find a part of engineering that lets you calculate and create exactly what you want.

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