Web Development Certificate

The World Wide Web seems like a page of science fiction. Although the younger generation has never known a world without it, the web isn’t very old, yet inexplicably ingrained in our lives. From blogs to recipe sites to YouTube, individual web pages provide the foundation for information we use every day. If your goal is to land a web development job, then earning a web development certificate is a promising start.

What can a web development certificate do for me?

Completing a program in web development allows you to gain an entry-level job, build your own website, start your own business, or launch a career as a Certified Web Developer.


Courses are found online and through community colleges. Programs that target graduate-level students are available at universities.

Web development certificate programs take two to four terms to complete, depending on whether you attend full-time or part-time. Coursework will prepare you to build and maintain web pages for yourself or huge corporations.

That means you’ll take a series of classes that teach you how to speak like a computer. You’ll learn about interfaces, software, and languages that allow you to add a search feature, connect to PayPal, or continually update pricing (think WordPress and JavaScript).

Next Step

Use your educational foundation to continue learning. Enroll and earn a degree in web development or web design. If you’d like to start your own business or boost your marketability on your resume, you can earn a web development certification through Microsoft and other providers.

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