Top Ten Jobs for People Who Hate Cubicles

Get away from the desk and into your job—no chair required.

1) Animal Trainer/Breeder/Caretaker — Work as a Zookeeper, train dogs for security work, breed horses, become a Farrier, or get a job as an Animal Handler for the circus.

2) Welder — Welding definitely keeps you off your bum. Find a job in a factory, work on a construction site as a Structural Welder, or even get your Commercial Diver ’s card and become an Underwater Welder.

3) Construction Worker — There are myriad jobs to be done on a construction site that don’t involve a desk. Wield a hammer, or become an Electrician, Plumber, or Crane Operator.

4) Pilot — Most people think of commercial airlines when they hear " Pilot." What about a Crop Duster, Search and Rescue Pilot, or Test Pilot?

5) Logger — Drive a bulldozer, brandish a chainsaw, or become a Choker Setter. There are no false walls in Mother Nature’s office.

6) Miner — If you don’t mind getting dirty, mining is a great way to avoid the cubicle. Drive heavy equipment, manage the mine carts, or work your way into the Supervisor ’s hat.

7) Photographer — Outdoor, indoor, traveling for National Geographic, weddings, senior pictures, family photos—lots of options, all sans the cubicle.

8) Mechanic — Working on cars will certainly keep you out of an office chair. But don’t stop there. What about becoming an Aviation Mechanic or a Marine Mechanic?

9) Actor — Yes, it’s a job, and one that spurs your creative side. Be a regular in local community theater productions, hit Broadway, or showcase your skills in Hollywood.

10) Sales Associate — From auto parts to shoes, this job gets you out of the cubicle and interacting your workday away.

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