Top Ten Jobs for Crafty People

If you spend more time in your shop than in front of the television, why not turn that hobby into a career? Find out about schooling, training, and experience requirements for one of these top crafts jobs.

1) Furniture Maker — Manipulate metal or carve wood into whatever design your mind can envision. Each time you start from scratch, you hold the power to create something distinctive.

2) Cabinet Maker — Embellish the face of cabinets, or create a unique cabinet for an unusual space.

3) Ice Sculpturist — This ranks pretty high in the world of top crafty jobs. It takes a special talent to see a peacock in a block of ice. Vision is one thing, but the ability to grab a chainsaw and carve out that ice before the President arrives is quite unique.

4) Metalsmith — Use your metalworking skills to create furniture, jewelry, candle holders, or signs.

5) Seamstress — Turn reams of fabric into beautiful dresses, unique furniture upholstery, and woven costumes for the theater.

6) Jeweler — Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches—whether you work with beads or metal, your skills result in one-of-a-kind jewelry.

7) Glassblower — This hot job allows you to create vases and glassware, water bulbs and salt shakers. You’re limited only by your imagination.

8) Filmmaker — It takes a special vision to call for the right lighting, get the Actor ’s expressions on film, and perfectly time the sound effects.

9) Stained Glass Artist — Sure this is art, but without it, all those churches in town would look rather drab. And no one can deny that creating stained-glass requires crafty skill.

10) Taxidermist — Whether it’s a family pet or a prized kill, your skills forever capture the true nature of the beast.

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